WiDS Taipei

Women in Data science taipei

Inspire and educate data scientists, regardless of gender, and support women in the field. 


Our Events & Projects


Annual Conference

This annual one-day conference provides an opportunity to hear about the latest data science related to research and applications in a broad set of domains. All genders are invited to participate in the conference, which features exclusively female speakers.



Every year, we host 2-3 workshops prior to the annual conference. Our workshops give an introduction to data science for beginners and teach popular tools and techniques in machine learning and data science for experienced learners.


Career Stories

We interview our fellow women data scientists, reseachers, engineers, etc about their career and what they have accomplished in their work. 

Have doubts about your career or need some inspiration? Come read the stories and see what advice they have for us.


A Day of Data

Are you thinking about a career in data related field? Are you curious about what it's like to be working with data and numbers? 

We interview people in different industries and roles about their daily jobs with data.


Global Events & Projects



Data science is improving outcomes in a wide range of domains, from healthcare to seismology to human rights and more. Hear from women across the data science profession, as they share their career highlights, advice, and lessons learned along the way.



A datathon is a data-focused hackathon — given a dataset and a limited amount of time, participants are challenged to use their creativity and data science skills to build, test, and explore solutions. Try something new, apply what you know, learn from other participants, and improve your data science skills along the way!